Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day with a Difference - Feb 20, 2007

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Determination, patience and courage are the only things needed to improve any situation.

Alexis's Ark (http://www.alexisleon.com/index.html)

Alexis’ life can be termed as the best comeback story in the recent times. Alexis met with a fatal road accident on 2nd December 1993, which literally broke his spine and left him to be a wheelchair user for the rest of his life. At that time Alexis was on the threshold of hitting big time in the IT industry. Alexis has made the best use of his skill and his shrewd business acumen, he realized that there was a market for cheap computer books and approached some publishers saying that he could write books which would cost very less than the imported books.

Alexis has authored thirty-two books on various subjects related to computers: from programming, Y2K and IT to E-Business in the last seven years. Alexis plans to write a book about his eventful life, which has been tentatively titled as ‘Reinventing the Wheel’. A few chapters are already stored in the hard disk of his computer. Alexis has not yet decided whether he will write straight non-fiction autobiography or a fictionalized account of his life:

Alexis’ homepage on the web is titled ‘Alexis Ark’. You instinctively question him whether the title has any metaphorical connection with the biblical Noah’s Ark, does he see himself as a survivor and saviour? He politely denies any such significance and explains that he just likes the rhyming effect it has. But for hundreds of harassed software professionals around the world who email to him for finding solutions for their problems, Alexis is certainly a saviour.

Expand your knowledge base

My first is a number, my second another,
And each, I assure you, will rhyme with the other.
My first you will find is one-fifth of my second,
And truly my whole, a long period reckoned.
Yet my first and my second (nay, think not I cozen),
When added together, will make but two dozen.

How many am I? ... Scroll down for the answer ...


Four Score.

(The word 'score' meaning twenty, derived apparently from the ancient practice of counting sheep in lots of twenty, and keeping tally by cutting ('scoring') notches into a stick.)

Have a memorable day!

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