Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 31, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. George Patton

Heart Prints

Whatever our hands touch...we leave
fingerprints on.
On walls, on furniture, on door knobs,
dishes and books.

As we touch we leave our identity..
Oh please where ever I go today...
help me leave heart prints.

Heart prints of compassion,
understanding and love.
Heart prints of kindness and genuine concern.

May my heart touch a lonely neighbor...
or a runaway daughter...
or an anxious mother...
or perhaps a dear friend!

I shall go out today...
to leave heart prints...
and if some one should say...
"I felt your touch!"

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The blanks in the following sentences will be filled in with three different homonyms (words that are spelled differently but sound alike) to make valid sentences. The dashes indicate the number of letters in the words. Can you fill in the blanks?

1. The cut on his _ _ _ _ won't _ _ _ _ in time for the race, so _ _ '_ _ have to drop out.


1. The cut on his HEEL won't HEAL in time for the race, so HE'LL have to drop out

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 30, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. - Anne-Sophie Swetchine

Beauty Tips

A dear old lady was asked what she used to make her complexion so beautiful and her whole being so bright and attractive.

She answered:

"I use for my lips, truth
I use for my voice, kindness
I use for my ears, compassion
I use for my hands, charity
I use for my figure, uprightness
I use for my heart, love
I use for any who do not like me, prayer."

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Anagrams - Each of the following sentences has three missing words. The first missing word of each sentence is 6 letters long, the second missing word is 5 letters long, and the third missing word is 4 letters long. All the 6 letter words are anagrams of each other, as are all the 5 letter words, and all the 4 letter words. Can you fill in the blanks?

1) Nobody would ______ to the old pirate any more, because his _____ were far too ____.
2) The fans were ______ as the opposition managed to _____ the game from the home ____.

Scroll down for the answer ...


1) Nobody would LISTEN to the old pirate any more, because his TALES were far too TAME.
2) The fans were SILENT as the opposition managed to STEAL the game from the home TEAM.

Have a memorable day and a great week ahead!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 27, 2006

Today's Inspiratonal Quote:

I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. - Edward Everett Hale


About ten years ago, a young and very successful executive named Josh was traveling down a Chicago neighborhood street. He was going a bit too fast in his sleek, black, 12 cylinder Jaguar XKE, which was only two months old.

He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no child darted out, but a brick sailed out and - WHUMP! - it smashed Into the Jag's shiny black side door! SCREECH..!!!! Brakes slammed! Gears ground into reverse, and tires madly spun the Jaguar back to the spot from where the brick had been thrown. Josh jumped out of the car, grabbed the kid and pushed him up against a parked car. He shouted at the kid, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing?!" Building up a head of steam, he went on. "That's my new Jag, that brick you threw is gonna cost you a lot of money. Why did you throw it?"

"Please, mister, please. . . I'm sorry! I didn't know what else to do!" Pleaded the youngster. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop!" Tears were dripping down the boy's chin as he pointed around the parked car. "It's my brother, mister," he said. "He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up." Sobbing, the boy asked the executive, "Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He's hurt and he's too heavy for me."

Moved beyond words, the young executive tried desperately to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. Straining, he lifted the young man back into the wheelchair and took out his handkerchief and wiped the scrapes and cuts, checking to see that everything was going to be OK. He then watched the younger brother push him down the sidewalk toward their home.

It was a long walk back to the sleek, black, shining, 12 cylinder Jaguar XKE -a long and slow walk. Josh never did fix the side door of his Jaguar. He kept the dent to remind him not to go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at him to get his attention. . . Some bricks are softer than others. Feel for the bricks of life coming at to you. For all the negative things we have to say to ourselves, God has positive answers.

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A clean joke to sign off your week with laughter

A husband, the owner of a new car, was somewhat reluctant to allow his wife to drive his prize possession, even to the grocery store, which was a few blocks from the house. After she insisted, he finally relented, cautioning her as she departed, "Remember, if you have an accident, the newspaper will print your age."

One night at the dinner table, the wife commented, "When we were first married, you took the small piece of steak and gave me the larger. Now you take the large one and leave me the smaller; You don't love me any more..." "Nonsense, darling," replied the husband, "you just cook better now."

Have a memorable day and a fun-filled weekend!

Day with a Difference - Oct 26, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Nature does nothing uselessly. - Aristotle


I know a lot of people feel really uncomfortable when people stare at them, but it doesn't bother me so much. I guess I assume people are just friendly and curious. Personally, I'm always curious about the people around and I know I would stare at others more if it wasn't "against the rules". In Asia, it's not culturally impolite to stare and as a white person, people really do tend to stare at you. I know that a lot of travelers find it very offensive, but in Nepal, I learnt that the best thing to do was to stare back at the person staring at you. The results were amazing. Sometimes it would take a full 10 seconds or more of staring and smiling but eventually the other person would start to smile and you felt a real connection. Actually it's really amazing what you can say with your eyes alone. For instance have you ever wondered what happens if you do break the eye contact rules?One day in Stockholm, I was feeling so lonely that I decided to find out. It was a pretty funny experience. I was on the train about eight minutes from my station, and opposite me sat a young guy about the same age as me. So I looked at him and when he looked back at me I didn't do what was expected - I just keep looking, and of course smiling. Well, what happened? After a short time, it occurred to me that he thought I was "checking him out". Oops, so that's what happens if you break this rule. The last few minutes to my station were a little uncomfortable and I couldn't get off that train fast enough! So wherever you go in the world you can say a lot without even opening your mouth. The problem is that sometimes what you are saying with your eyes depends on where in the world you are. One thing is for sure though, wherever in the world you end up, a friendly look and a smile can open doors. So I challenge you to go out there and let your eyes do the talking!

--- Written in 2006 by Clare McLennan --- Sweden

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Bob was having a big party. He decided on a technique to get lots of people to come. He invited his five closest friends and said that they could each invite 4 people.Each of those could invite 3. Each of those could invite 2.Each of those could invite 1.Overall, how many people did Bob invite to his party?

Scroll down for the answer ...

Just 5

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 25, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."


A long time ago there was a great General who was faced with a situation which made it necessary for him to make a drastic decision to insure his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his army on shore to face a powerful enemy, whose men outnumbered his. He loaded his soldiers into boats, and sailed to face the enemies on shore. When they reached the shore, he ordered them to unload the soldiers and cargoes. He then ordered for all the ships and boats to be burned. Addressing his men before the battle, he said, "You see the ships and boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now, have no choice – either we win, or we perish." They WON!

Just like the General, we have to burn all our bridges if we want to achieve success. There can be no room for retreat and we must have an attitude of, "Whatever it takes", taking into consideration that we can have anything we desire provided we do not violate Universal Laws and the rights of our fellow human beings. Do not dwell on the past. Move forward with confidence and we will surely see success, unexpected in common hours.

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Every clue below can be answered with a two word phrase in which each word contains OR. Your job is to figure out what they are.

Person on an assembly line

Whiskey made from ears of a certain vegetable
1970s-'80s tennis champ from Sweden
Listing in the Guiness Book .... Scroll down for the answer ....


1. Factory Worker

2. Corn Liquor
3. Bjorn Borg

4. World Record

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 24, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can shorten it. - Cullen Hightower

Climb Every Mountain In Life - By: Sean Swarner

I'm actually the first (and only) cancer survivor to summit the world's highest mountain... Mt. Everest. When I was only 13, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and given three months to live. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with Askin's Sarcoma. The prognosis was much worse as the doctors gave me only two weeks to live. Again, I survived.

Being the only person in the world to have ever had these two cancers, I really felt I should share my story to help motivate others and influence lives. On May 16th, 2002 at 9:32am, I became the first cancer survivor to summit Mt. Everest.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to reach the summits of three more of the world's seven highest peaks and have spoken internationally about my life and adventures to countless people and organizations. On the summit of Everest I brought a flag adorned with names of people who have been affected by cancer and left it on the top of the world forever commemorating the struggle of cancer patients worldwide.

I did the same to the highest point in Africa, Europe and just recently returned from 23,000-foot Aconcagua in South America! My ultimate goal is to climb the highest mountain on each continent AND trek to the North and South poles.

I am covering the globe with inspiration. There are plans for live chat sessions during the expeditions as well as TV spots and live summit bids from a number of the mountains! The reason for these expeditions is to inspire those affected by cancer (as well as anyone with a pulse!) to dream big and never give up.

We invite you to visit these fine websites: seanswarner.com

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What expression is represented below?

+ DEEF Scroll down for the answer ....

Positive Feedback !!!

Have a memorable day and a great week ahead!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 20, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning. - Albert Einstein


The average cost of rehabilitating a seal after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska was $80,000. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively saved animals were released back into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, in full view, a killer whale ate them both.

A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen, shaking frantically with what looked like a wire running from his waist towards the electric kettle. Intending to jolt him away from the deadly current she whacked him with a handy plank of wood by the back door, breaking his arm in two places. Until that moment he had been happily listening to his Walkman.

Two animal rights protesters were protesting at the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn Germany. Suddenly the pigs, all two thousand of them, escaped through a broken fence and stampeded, trampling the two hapless protesters to death.

In the Jan. 6, 2002 edition of Parade magazine, Kirk Douglas wrote the following that I think applies well to anybody struggling with any adversity: My "Operator's Manual": To help people understand and recover from a stroke, I constructed the following guidelines. Then, I had an epiphany: Dealing with a stroke---dealing with any ailment or misfortune---is no different than the way we all should live our lifes.
1. WHEN THINGS GO BAD, always remember: It could be worse.

2. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. Keep working on your speech and your life.

3. NEVER LOSE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others.

4. STEM DEPRESSION by thinking of, reaching out to and helping others.

5. DO UNTO OTHERS as you would have them do unto you.6. PRAY, not for God to cure you but to help you help yourself.

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A clean joke to sign off your week with laughter

I burned a CD with some multimedia stuff on it for a friend of a friend. He couldn't get them working, because, it turned out, he had a 486 with 8 megs of RAM.

Him: "How come they don't work?"
Me: "You need a new motherboard, CPU, case, power supply, lots more RAM, and maybe a new video card."
Him: "Can you download them for me?"

Have a meorable day and a fun-filled weekend!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 18, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

I long to accomplish a great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. - Helen Keller

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT (Cappucino Success Story)

She was born normal on 27th June 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. When she was 19 months old she had a severe fever and illness which left her blind and deaf. As a result she could not speak. Over the next five years she was a problem child, always in uncontrollable rage and violence. When she was seven years old her parents sought help for the young girl.

Help came in the form of Annie Mansfield Sullivan. With love, patience, and understanding given by Annie, the little girl gradually awaken her intellectual faculty and was "born again". The stubborn, headstrong, self-willed, and almost unmanageable child became patient, gentle and obedient. She developed an eagerness to learn. At 16 years old she could speak well enough to enter college, and she later graduated from Radcliffe College.After her graduation Helen Keller dedicated her life to bringing messages of hope and courage to the handicapped people everywhere. Helen Keller's books were translated into more than 50 languages. She lectured in over 25 countries and raised millions of dollars for the benefit of the blind.

The success of Helen Keller is the story of Annie Sullivan. She was the one who believed in the hidden potential of Helen Keller. With love, patience, understanding and encouragement Annie Sullivan managed to help Helen Keller awaken the sleeping giant within her. A successful person is a person who is willing to give of himself for the betterment of another human being. Practice giving! Helen Keller on the other hand had to overcome challenges to be a blessing to others.

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Corpus Callosum

The corpus callosum is the part of the brain the connects the left and right hemispheres of the
cerebral cortex. Most of the communication between the two halves of the brain is carried over the corpus callosum. Some studies have shown that women have more fibers in the posterior portion of the corpus callosum. This added ability for cross-talk within the brain may account for the tendency for women to be more intuitive and better multitaskers. This interconnect is also very important for reading. This may be why dyslexia is five times more common in men versus women.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 17, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them


"There are plenty of teams in every sport that have great players and never win titles. Most of the time, those players aren't willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. The funny thing is, in the end, their unwillingness to sacrifice only makes individual goals more difficult to achieve. One thing I believe to the fullest is that if you think and achieve as a team, the individual accolades will take care of themselves. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

-- Michael Jordan

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Clean joke Philosophies to Ponder

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view.
The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an approaching train
No one is listening until you make a mistake.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 16, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

If a profound gulf separates my neighbor's belief from mine, there is always the golden bridge of tolerance.

There is no joy in easy sailing

"There is no thrill in easy sailing
When the skies are clear and blue.
There is no joy in merely doing
Things which anyone can do.
But there is some satisfaction
That is mighty sweet to take,
When you reach a destination
That you never thought you'd make."
--- Spirella

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What king can you make if you take

the head of a lamb
the middle of a pig
the hind of a buffalo and
the tail of a dragon? Scroll down for the answer ...


A LION, king of the jungle! (the head of a Lamb, the middle of a p Ig, the hind of a buffalO and the tail of a dragoN)

Have a memorable day and a great week ahead!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 12, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Economics is not about things and tangible material objects; it is about men, their meanings and actions. - Ludwig von Mises

The Tone of Voice

It's not so much what we say
As the manner in which we say it.
It's not so much in the language we use
As the tone in which we convey it.
"Come here!" I sharply ordered;
And a child cowered and wept.
"Come here," I softly whispered;
And into my arms he crept.
Words may be mild and fair,
But the tone pierces like a dart.
Words may be soft as summer air,
But the tone can break a heart.

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The group of three definitions describes three words that are spelled the same, except for one letter Example: king, ring, wing.

A small territorial division of a country
An artillery piece
A deep valley with high steep sides

Scroll down for the answer .....

canton, cannon, canyon

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 11, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world."

TWENTY YEARS COMMITMENT (Cappucino Success Story)

Oliver Napoleon Hill was born to a poor family in 1883. He fought his way out of his backwoods Virginia town with a burning desire to be successful. He was always searching for ways to improve himself and was involved in numerous ventures, including managing a coal-mine, practicing law, and becoming a business journalist. His big break came when he had the opportunity of meeting Andrew Carnegie, the "Steel King". Andrew Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill if he would take up the challenge of devoting 20 years of his life in order to prepare a formula of success for helping others to become successful. Andrew Carnegie would provide him with letters of reference to meet hundreds of successful people in the likes of Woodrow Wilson, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, to name a few. Napoleon Hill made his decision to take up the challenge in less than 60 seconds. Later he came to know that Andrew Carnegie had given him 60 seconds to make up his mind, failing which he would have lost his chance of undertaking the important assignment.

After 20 years of dedicated research in 1937 he came out with his best seller, "Think And Grow Rich", which has helped countless of people around the world to achieve success. One of his famous saying was, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve". Successful people make up their mind fast, but are slow at changing their mind once they make their decision. On the other hand those who are not too successful tend to be slow at making up their mind and quick to change after the decision is made. In actual fact most people do not make their own decisions at all, because their decisions are made for them or influenced by others. It is also true that whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. The key word here is "believe".

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Lateral Thinking Puzzle

There are two very poor boys. The first is 18 and the second is 14. They live on their own. They are so poor they live in a small, strange house with only one bed. They both sleep in this bed every night, however, they sleep in separate rooms. How is this possible? Scroll down for the answer ...


The bed was very thin, about 3/4 of a meter wide, but it was very long, about 6 meters long. It fits in the doorway connecting two rooms. One of the boys sleeps at one end of the bed in one room, and the other sleeps at the other end in a different room. (I told you it was a strange house.)

Have a memorable day!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 10, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you!"


Fred Smith attended Yale University business school. He wrote a project paper on overnight packages deliveries, and was given a C minus for it. The professors commented that nobody would want to send overnight packages when they have the service of the US Mail. This result did not deter Fred Smith and he later put all his money into his idea and started Federal Express. On the first day of operation Federal Express intended to deliver 167 packages. However, they only delivered seven. Five of the packages were to themselves and only two were to outsiders. Did Fred Smith quit? We know the answer because Federal Express is now a billion dollars corporation.

There is no failure to Fred Smith. Because when he took action on his decision, he only considered the results as outcome. On the first day of operation when Federal Express delivered only two packages to outsiders, he said that he succeeded in learning how to send two packages. Now he had to learn how to send more packages. This is an empowering principle - if we want to succeed in a bigger way we have to look at the positive side of everything, and take massive and consistent action.

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Anagrams - words or phrases made by mixing up the letters of other words or phrases, e.g. THE EYES is an anagram of THEY SEE.

Synanagram - Single words that are anagrams of other single words, such as angered = enraged.

Trianagram - Also called triplets, these are three-way anagrams such as mastering = emigrants = streaming.

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Day with a Difference - Oct 09, 2006

Todyay's Inspirtional Quote:

It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has. - Henry Ward Beecher

Work and Play

The master in the art of living makes little distinction between
his work and his play, his labor and his leisure,
his mind and his body, his education and his recreation,
his love and his religion He hardly knows which is which.
He simply pursues his vision of excellence
in whatever he does, leaving others to decide
where he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both.

-- From a Zen Buddhist quoted in "Head to Head" by Lester Thurow, Dean of M.I.T.'s Sloan School of Management

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A clean joke to start your week with laughter


1. Prince Charles got married
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe
3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament.
4. Pope Died


1. Prince Charles got married
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe
3. Australia lost the Ashes tournament
4. Pope Died Lesson Learned?

The next time Charles gets married, warn the Pope and Australia !

Have a memorable day and a great week ahead!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Day with a Difference - Oct 03, 2006

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.

Outcome vs. Process

There are two types of goals. Outcome goals give you direction, such as winning or making a particular play. Process goals include mastering the fundamentals and strategy to be competitive in basketball.

You dramatically increase your chances of making a basket by focusing on the process and letting the outcome take care of itself. When you focus on the outcome, you open yourself up to the fear of missing or losing. If you make a bad play or make a mistake, it is easier to become angry.

Fear and anger are negative emotions that adversely affect your brain's chemistry and performance. You will be more relaxed and efficient by focusing on instinctive execution, rather than thinking about scoring or winning.

While you may not be able to control the outcome, you can control your thoughts and actions to improve the process. Success in mastering the process builds confidence and makes it easier to achieve your desired outcome.
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Interesting phrase origins - White Elephant

Meaning: Something that is costly to obtain or maintain and provides little benefit or value.

Example: The London Bridge became a white elephant. The bridge was relocated to Havasu City Arizona, where it now remains as a tourist attraction.

Origin: From the Burmese belief that albino elephants are sacred. They can't be used for work and they must be lavished with the ultimate amount of care. Giving a gift of a white elephant would be done to someone considered an enemy. The idea being that you would eventually wipe out your enemy's wealth with the care of the sacred elephant.

Have a memorable day!